Ake Festival 2015: Day 2


Today has been an exhilarating day. Busy, then slow; busy, then slow again, and through it all, the volunteers have been bonding and getting to know one another, here at the Ake Festival. All of us, are lovers of books, of the arts. Some of us have travelled from the South-South, others from the North and the rest from within the South-West.

Today was the day we got assigned roles and responsibilities for the festival. Yesterday LS (Lola Shoneyin) had thought I’d work at the reception. Today however, I was drafted to the Media team. The role gives me the opportunity to attend every event for the festival, so yeah, coolies.

Progress made so far- we’ve set up the exhibition stands in the Banquet hall, maintenance and cleaning are ongoing in other parts of the centre

Bookstore is up and the books to purchase. Amazeballs

Tomorrow the event kicks off proper, with an Environmental Awareness Day involving Secondary schools from all over Abeokuta which will be officially opened by The First Lady of Ogun state. There’d also be a close-door fiction workshop for hopeful writers wanting to polish their craft. This session will be led by Nnedi Okorafor and Taiye Selasi.

Still here debriefing with the media team for the week ahead. We are up bright and early tomorrow at 7am.

May the day break for us all…




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