#PutHumanityFirst: We’ll Always Love Kunle Olaifa 

‘Kunle Olaifa lives on!! It’s simple! He lives on in our hearts… I miss him so… But we move! We stay thankful. Rock star ‘Kunle! Twale baba!!!!

Put Humanity First

I look in the clouds, hope you past the sun

Hope you right next to God and he calling you Son

Taking you in, Angels breaking you in

This is heaven and no longer do you have to face sin

And may God bless your parents and your two children

Your wife, your family and all your friends

Everybody stay strong, the good die young

Where we from it’s all wrong, we all confused

Never know what we have till what we have we lose

Think Kunle Olaifa, we lost a very big jewel

Career-building itself is at a pit-stop itself

It hurts, you’re probably too good for this earth

Genius at his work
We’ll always love Kunle Olaifa.
Just to let y’all know, everything is all real

But it’s sad when a good fella catch a raw deal

And pain is a part of life that we all feel

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